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Dust Control Systems Newcastle

Dust Control Solutions Ltd design manufacture and install all types of dust control systems, fume extraction systems, odour control systems and pollution control systems for industry in the UK, in particular Newcastle. We also cover all areas of England, Scotland and Ireland.

Dust Extraction in Newcastle

Dust extraction is Dust Control Solutions Ltd specialty. We can assist companies with wood dust extraction, such as wood burning plants, wood shredders and wood briquette machines. Cartridge filters for fine dusts, food industry including sugar and flour and other food products and welding fume extraction, are all in our remit, with all of our filters incorporating reverse jet filter cleaning.
Cartridge Filter System
Dust Suppression in Newcastle

We are also experts in dust suppression systems to reduce levels of airborne dust in timber shredding environments, coal mining facilities, quarries and waste disposal centres.

Fume Extraction in Newcastle

All of our fume extraction systems comply with current regulations with regard to handling hazardous fumes. Handling dangerous explosive gases, for example extraction from spirit stores in a distillery is also a process Dust Control Solutions Ltd can manage, as well as paint fumes dry back extraction systems.

General Ventilation in Newcastle

Ventilation systems providing cooling air, systems designed to provide spot cooling for personnel working in extreme temperatures or environmental hazardous areas can be implemented to reduce the problems.

Odour Control in Newcastle

Odour control can also be managed. Dust Control Solutions Ltd have experience in working with companies dealing with landfill and waste disposal, waste water treatment facilities and food processing, amongst others.

LEV Testing in Newcastle

We provide full LEV testing of all types of extraction systems such as dust extraction, fume extraction and wood dust extraction. Dust Control Solutions is amongst the most prestigious ventilation companies in the UK.

Our services engineers are available on call 7 days per week 52 weeks in the year in Newcastle and the surrounding area. On occasion we can supply temporary extraction should a serious breakdown occur.

Dust Control Solutions Ltd is a trading name of Dustcheck Ltd. Company registration number 01365594.
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